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A full service PR agency with a marketing boutique – what does that mean?  It means that we are publicist that are devoted to every aspect of industry in our community.  We have created innovative, natural, local, traditional and social media strategies for our clients’ brands and campaigns.  Our team, which never grows larger than four, generates the biggest buzz and media attention in our ever evolving world of marketing.  We understand that no public relations strategy is the same and cookie cutter methods are never effective. This is why we advocate unique marketing strategies by approaching each client with a plethora of ideas and solutions for the best results.

Now in our 4th year creating unique and dynamic public relations, marketing and media management campaigns BethanyEast PR & Mgmt. Consulting is being recognized as a fresh, urban and content-driven firm with intimate ties to a forward thinking consumer community.

Who are we?  We are partners with a number of organizations in economic development, retail marketing and hospitality promotion.  We are San Antonio transplants.  We are members of niche and influential audiences.  We are BethanyEast PR.

Getting your message across

We try to do something that newswires don’t do – we cater news releases and alerts specifically to media receptors. But what sets us about most is the art of using a mix of new media and traditional marketing to provide our clients unique opportunities and placements – which, we’ve mastered


From a crisis to event management our team is fully versatile in traditional corporate communications, media relations and are considered the industry’s best social media experts.

Target Key Audiences

A bulk of our effort goes to creating content in order to accurately reach target audiences with effective calls to action. Our objective is to understand local audiences and interests and then ensuring your message is received.

Our Work

With every new client we grow, we learn and we transform. That is why we approach every project with new ideas and insights. We’ll never stop talking about you! We work hard to place you in the news.

We like to say that our clients have “grown us up” and that’s more than true. Four years ago we were just humble social media managers for a major hospitality brand in downtown San Antonio. We approach every project or campaign with that same fresh mindset we did then. Now we’ve increased our service menu to include corporate events, strategic communication and partnership building as well as media consulting and placement.

We’ve worked with economic development organizations like the City of San Antonio Economic Development Department, Brooks City Base and Port San Antonio, nonprofits like the Avenida Guadalupe Association and Eva’s Heroes and the Alamo City Black Chamber of Commerce, as well as retail brands Adam’s Gift and GlamNailz by Chloe. Take a look at our portfolio.

All About You

We have packages to suit everyone, from clients who may have not dabbled in public relations all the way to ambitious clients who require an innovative and large campaign strategy to connect with their direct consumer base.

We come to the table with an understanding of your industry and we motivate you to change deeply rooted behaviors and social norms. Our results do not only cause you to be influenced but to make you believe.

Public Relations.

Event Logistics and Management.

Corporate Communications.

Crisis Management.

Investor Relations.

Digital Marketing.

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