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BethanyEast PR is a full service public relations and marketing firm. We specialize in strategic communications, event management, investor relations, brand management and product placement.
public relations, press release, media, marketing, advertising
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About Us


We are located in the heart of San Antonio and we are constantly creating

amazing content.

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BethanyEast PR & Mgmt. Consulting is a boutique public relations, investor relations, social media management, event management and business marketing consulting firm that is devoted to creating innovative natural, local, traditional and social media strategies for our clients brands, services and products. To generate the biggest buzz and media attention in our ever evolving world of marketing. No public relations strategy is the same and cookie cutter methods are never effective. With a fresh take on creating valuable resources for clients, BethanyEast PR is devoted to entrepreneurial success as well as long-term brand recognition for our clients.

Now in our 4th year of creating unique and dynamic public relations, marketing and media management campaigns. BethanyEast PR & Mgmt. Consulting has been recognized as a fresh, urban and content-driven firm with intimate ties to a forward thinking consumer community. We have partnered with a number of offices and organizations including the City of San Antonio Economic Development Department, Alamo City Black Chamber of Commerce, Avenida Guadalupe Association and Brooks City Base.

We are an AABE, ESBE, MBE, SBE and HUB certified company.



Christian Reed-Ogba

Chief Executive Officer
Uchennaya Ogba-30-Edit

Uchennaya Ogba

Chief Operating Officer


We work to get your message across to your consumer,

accurately and concisely.

Public Relations

Our campaign strategies are designed to not only get the message across but also to change the conversation.

Event Management

Our team creates amazing events that not only entertains attendees but also spurs interactivity at the event.


Your brand is your life, we work to enhance your message to your audience.

Media Relations

Our excellent communication skills enable us to communicate with the media accurately and concisely.

Crisis Management

Our team works to protect your brand during a crisis, and offers crisis preparedness programs to ready your business for the risks it may face.

Digital Marketing

We specify the client vision, goals, opportunities and related activities to maximize our digital initiatives.

Have an idea? We’re here to help you manage your work