Building Business With Storytelling | July 2017 Opportunity Report
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Building Business With Storytelling | July 2017 Opportunity Report

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Building Business With Storytelling | July 2017 Opportunity Report

We are halfway through the year – your marketing efforts are beginning to see returns in your business, and the idea of what 2018 is going to look like for your brand or campaign is formulating in your calendar.  Or something along those lines.


The BethanyEast PR business network is thriving; we can’t help but notice the many advancements businesses and firms have made as San Antonio’s close-knit consumer markets have optimized.  There have been countless anniversaries (hooray to our friends at Botika at The Pearl celebrating 1 year!), new partnerships, large contract awards, media features, etc.  And while the year has moved really fast – we know that these accomplishments didn’t happen overnight.


Three years ago when BethanyEast PR was just a fledgling “boutique” firm Uche and I had the opportunity to share a portion of our “this is how we do it” story with a room full of CEOs and procurement professionals.  To prepare, we listed a few key elements in our joint history that taught us great lessons, solved some existing issue, and better explained our business ability.  Our public relations method was transparent, BE TRANSPARENT.

And it worked! Well, not immediately.

But on that day in front of VIA Metropolitan Transit, LiftFund, City of San Antonio Transportation & Capital Improvements, and more we helped major decision makers to align with our brand.  Fast forward to now and we’ve seen a number of the chief executive officer’s and procurement officers in the boardroom as clients, event sponsors, and new partners.



  • Be Honest.  Sharing what actually happened to you seems like such a simple concept right?  Not really.  When the spotlight is on you to tell your story it’s easy to slip into a little performance.  Instead of drawing out an anecdote keep them to five sentences (or 2 minutes), you’re less likely to stretch your truth and more likely to get your intended response.
  • Be Gracious.  Chatting up other businesses or key players in your story shares way more than kind words can define.  Toting that you are self-made is a wonderful way to alienate potential partners or clients.  Instead offer reverence to your mentors, colleagues, or even your students for helping you reach a particular height.
  • Be Educational.  I mean, that is the real reason you are sharing your story right?  By sharing your lessons and experiences in business, you prove yourself as an authority in your field, be it public relations, underwater basket weaving, campaign management, etc.  Giving out tips and citing resources have always worked when teach-sharing, while pointing out other people’s issues may not.


Being transparent in your business ushers in a new, more practical PR strategy that is millennial friendly, and can be more easily managed across social media platforms.  Try sharing your story in a few tweets – or give BethanyEast PR a call, we can help get your message across!


P.S. Click Here to view our July 2017 opportunity report here

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