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How to Pick the Best Tutorial to Watch on YouTube


How to Pick the Best Tutorial to Watch on YouTube

My name is Patrick Hill and I am a social media marketing savant. I use social media on a daily to stay connected with friends and meet new people to expand my network. A few people have asked me how can they perfect their social media skills. So I am going to give you a few tips. For starters I would suggest going to YouTube and typing in specifically what it is that you want to find out.

In today’s sample I will be searching ‘How to get more likes on my Facebook post’.

Go to YouTube and search How to get more likes on my Facebook post  You will get over 98,000 results. Now we have to figure out which is the best video to watch.

Things to look at:

  • Views- How many people have viewed the video
  • Length- How long is the video/audio
  • Date Posted- How long has the video been up
  • Title- Which title names fits best to what we are looking for
  • Subscribers- How many people subscribed to the person who made the post channel
  • Likes- How many people liked or disliked the video/audio

In most cases the first video that pops up is usually an ad being promoted so disregard that.

The first video we see is How To Get More Likes On Facebook Status Posts (Super Hot TIP)

It is 3min long, has been up for a year and only has 3,629 views. Now if we scroll down 2 more videos we will see one titled how to get more than 1000+ likes on facebook photo,status 2015
This video is 8min long, has been up for a year as well but has over 240,000 views. Wow rite? I would immediately click on that one to watch first for a few reasons. 1 being the fact that the video is 8min long and over 200,000 people took 8min out of there day to watch it. It must be helpful. In case you didn’t know Youtube only counts it as a view if you watch the full video. You can’t watch 10 seconds then get out and it be considered a view. Also you can only get credited 1 view per device. So If I had a video posted on Youtube I can’t sit on my phone all day and watch my video over and over to try and increase my views. That’s why the views are very important to take notice to.

Since we figured out which video we would like to watch we click it. Once the page loads up we have two things to look at rite under the video. The first is the how many people have subscribed to the users channel. Subscribers give the user credibility. When you subscribe to some ones channel you get notified every time they post a new video. That helps with getting views as well because people have seen and liked your work before. The second thing to look at is how many people gave the video a thumbs up or thumbs down. In this case we have 860 thumbs up and 246 thumbs down. If more than half of the people who voted chose thumbs up then that is another sign that the video is a good one to watch. Now we can watch the video and see if it was what we are looking for. Sometimes it is sometimes it’s not. If it’s not just hit the back button and look for another video using the same thing’s I just discussed.

Thanks for taking your time to read my blog. Questions and Feedback are appreciated in the comments box below.

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