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Taking Your New Network Home – SXSW

Taking Your New Network Home – SXSW

Greetings from SXSW!

We laughed, we networked and we learned. SXSW Interactive was a fantastic experience for BethanyEast PR! Uche and I met so many awe-inspiring people – everyone from entrepreneurs to venture capitalists, technology buffs to city planners and foodies to health buffs.

Thousands of SXSW attendees visited Casa San Antonio, participating in over 25 events (over 3 days) at Half Step Bar (#CasaSanAntonio) on Rainey Street. The BethanyEast PR team worked alongside Choose San Antonio to interact with attendees, manage social media interactions, and engage with covering media. SEE PICTURES

After recovering for a few days we’ve sat down to go through the bags and bags of swag and business cards we collected with one goal in mind – to bring our conversations full circle. Let’s face it, after attending a conference, the most acceptable communication methods are either (wait for it….) emails or tweets. For the sake of spamming 50+ twitter handles with #NiceMeetingYou here’s what we came up with:

Growing & Keeping Your SXSW Network


Before the Conference – Remember Your Mission |

It’s easy to get lost in the sauce at large conferences like SXSW where opportunities are overflowing. Keep your mission in mind when making plans to attend sessions or set up mini sales meetings. Discuss goals with your project manager before departure and find the types of industries, decision leaders, and tech you have room to align with. Schedule tweets during sessions that will help draw intended audiences to you.

At the Conference – Don’t Be Afraid to Share Information |

Sign-in sheets, Facebook check-in, going LIVE on Instagram, or tweeting on site during an interesting chat put you in line to receive “spam” – but why do we hate spam so much? I mean, in the culinary realm SPAM has become the delicacy. Personally, I love a good spam e-blast, whether I’m gaining inspiration for future campaigns or haphazardly stumbling upon a new platform or software – they aren’t all bad. #GiveSpamAChance

After the Conference – Write With A Smile, Read With A Smile |

International conferences share the same soft spot for its diversity in languages. Different people from different spaces and places speak differently. Hack what often strains relationship building, make it easier to keep the convo going through the first email exchange by smiling and when you write and when you read. A smile is a universal language, and yes, you can hear a smile when reading.

If we met during SXSW, either on Rainey or in the Expo we’d love to keep in touch. CLICK HERE to receive the monthly BethanyEast PR, LLC #OpportunityReport – a listing of San Antonio-based marketing opportunities and tips for businesses and national organizations.

Christian Reed-Ogba

Born and raised in Detroit, Christian began her career in public relations in early 2010 after leaving the procurement and corporate contract management field. In 2011 she met and married, Uche, and together launched BethanyEast PR & Mgmt. Consulting shortly afterward. As a boutique firm owner Mrs. Reed-Ogba has spent time to triage her skills in project and process management, event marketing and conversation planning. She's been a recognized expert on many marketing panels and has led seminars on marketing to high school, college and devoted studies students as well as small business owners in San Antonio.

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