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Keeping Track of Accountability : May 2017 Opportunity Report


Keeping Track of Accountability : May 2017 Opportunity Report

Greetings Network!

Last month we talked about conferences – which means May is all about the follow-up.  The art of the follow-up is something that separates good entrepreneurs from being great in business or just embarking on a hobby (in our humble opinion).

It happens to the best of us. We meet a fantastic brand with a great product or opportunity but the sheer excitement of taking a moment to schedule a follow-up meeting deters you from making that second contact.  Or you get bombarded with tasks, projects, issues, even new successes and lose track of time and a late follow-up will make your opportunity obsolete.  So what now?  What skill do you need to improve to stop this from happening?

One word – Accountability.

Entrepreneurs and professionals alike fall victim to making overwhelming promises everyday.  It’s part of the hustle (yup, I said hustle).  But when these promises become uncontrollable flaky-ness (yes, flaky-ness), that’s when we have to sit down and optimize what we are really doing.

Tips to Keeping Track of Accountability

  1. Use a project management tool – networking is a project within itself, so make sure you keep track of events, conversations, and promises.  We use a mix between Google Calendar and Basecamp.
  2. Create a Code of Ethics – a behavioral guide for your employees and yourself.
  3. Promise with a purpose – being open about “back scratching” ensures both parties are held accountable to the benefits offered.
  4. Acknowledge successes AND faults equally – optimize what the situation has taught you and adjust accordingly.


This month the BethanyEast PR, LLC team are spinning our wheels on how to better interact with small businesses and new campaigns that align with the SWMBE community.  Follow our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn pages as we GO LIVE from networking events, meetings, and conferences.

UP NEXT:  We are travelling to Houston for the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit, May 17-20th.  Will you be there?  Let us know, #tweetus2meetus @BethanyEastPR!

Congratulations to San Antonio for supporting the OneSA Bond Campaign, $850M will be used to strengthen San Antonio’s infrastructure. Now, if we can only improve that voter turnout rate.
Christian Reed-Ogba

Born and raised in Detroit, Christian began her career in public relations in early 2010 after leaving the procurement and corporate contract management field. In 2011 she met and married, Uche, and together launched BethanyEast PR & Mgmt. Consulting shortly afterward. As a boutique firm owner Mrs. Reed-Ogba has spent time to triage her skills in project and process management, event marketing and conversation planning. She's been a recognized expert on many marketing panels and has led seminars on marketing to high school, college and devoted studies students as well as small business owners in San Antonio.

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